Cooper Fullmer named Mr. UVU 2020

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On Friday, Sept. 25, Cooper Fullmer was named Mr. UVU 2020 following the reign of former Mr. UVU Danny Brown. 

“It feels good. It feels good to know that I did my best and it showed,” Fullmer said.

The five contestants competed in five areas of competition: fitness wear, video interview, talent, formal wear and onstage interview. Each contestant was able to showcase their own talents, personality, fashion sense and opinions throughout the energetic and entertaining competition.

“It’s a blast,” Fullmer said when asked how his experience has been competing for Mr. UVU. “I have to say this year was my favorite because it is a little bit smaller, but it’s a blast to just do stuff, be there, and just have fun. There’s no point in taking it too seriously, it’s good to just be here and have fun.”

“We all worked really hard and practiced our own parts,” Said Nolan Raybon, awarded Mr. Congeniality, a title voted on by the other contestants as per tradition of the competition. “It was awesome seeing it all come together.” 

Fullmer put on a display of acrobatics during the fitness wear portion of competition and gave an impressive Diablo performance for his talent. Diablo is a double coned bobbin that is twirled, tossed, and caught on a string that is secured by two sticks, one held in each hand. During the onstage question portion he was asked what his favorite season was and why. In his response he expressed his dislike for winter and how he particularly enjoyed spring during the time he spent living in Asia because the trees were blooming lining the streets in pink.

“I had my Diablo custom made in pink and white, because I am friends with the guy in the U.K. who makes them,” Fullmer said about the neon pink Diablo he used during the talent portion of competition. “I wanted as little black as possible on it.” 

“Last year I did it too, just because it’s fun and I just like performing and being on stage,” said Fullmer. “I lost to Danny and I was really mad, so I said this is personal and I had to come back.”

The competition was judged by Danny Brown, former Mr. UVU, Glory Thomas, the current Miss Orem, as well as Rosario Rivez, Todd Olsen, and Andrea Betts. The masters of ceremonies were Taylor Johnson and Melanie Griffin. 

The Mr. UVU competition is a tradition that has been held at Utah Valley University since 1989.

(Students compete for the title of Mr. UVU 2020. Photo by Hunter Hall)