College Times offers advice column

Dear reader, Here’s the deal: you have problems.

Dear reader,

Here’s the deal: you have problems. You don’t understand Keats, chemistry is putting you in an early grave, your best friend is dating a skeeve, your girlfriend never pays attention to you, and your favorite nephew now thinks you are the boogeyman.

Now there’s help.

The College Times
is willing to offer non-biased, non-partisan, non-cruel (mostly), detached advice for any and all of your daily problems.

Your local Dear-Abby-figure (who remains anonymous) guarantees that no matter what your particular brand of problem is, he or she has been through it, helped someone else with it, read about it, or at least seen an Oprah special on it.

You can expect a compendium of knowledge on whatever your stumbling block may be, with various options and ways to skip over, dig under, walk around or demolish it.

As Alexis Carrel said in Reflections on Life, "All of us, at certain moments in our lives, need to take advice and to receive help from other people."

No names will be used in printed material, and entries over 200 words may be edited for length.

To send in a question, e-mail [email protected], drop your letter off at The College Times  newsroom, SC 220.

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