Catch Me If You Can

Reading Time: 2 minutes

“Catch Me If You Can” is a musical based off the 2002 film. Despite a thin and often transparent script, the Hale Center Theatre’s production is rich and colorful. The show began Oct 6 and plays through Nov 19.

Based on a true story, it captures Frank Abagnale Jr’s life and is played by actor Andrew Robertson. The story is about a boy who drops out of school and then goes on the run as a con man. He poses at different times as a Pan Am pilot, a pediatrician and a lawyer. As he travels and schemes, Abagnale ’s character is chased across the country by Carl Hanratty, who is played by Patrick Livingston. Hanratty’s character is a dedicated FBI agent ruled by his love of the law.

Though the writing of the show tends to not let the audience feel as though Frank is in any real peril, his adventures are endlessly entertaining. Robertson’s boyish charm lent itself easily to the character of Frank, giving him a mischievousness that was hard not to love. He maneuvered Franks deceit with a carefree ease. Livingston delivered a convincing performance as a weary, over-worked man, which makes his show stopping number “Don’t Break the Rules” all the more thrilling to watch.

Marissa Scout Lanham played Brenda’s character and was darling as Frank’s love interest. Her 11 o’clock number “Fly Fly Away” was an audience favorite.

The set rivaled the actors for star status. The Hale does a fantastic job with utilizing and transforming the limited space it has and this show is no exception. The intimate area was a huge help in making the production feel like the variety shows of the 60’s it was designed after, such as The Ed Sullivan Show or American Bandstand. The set was cleverly designed and used projections to quickly change the location.

The setting still maintained the feel of a small nightclub or variety show venue. With sparkling performances by every cast member and an even more compelling environment, you should go catch the incredible show.