The case against cellphones

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Do you hold your cellphone in your bra? Do you sleep with your phone like an electronic teddy bear? This article is for you or those around you that have these habits.

Though we can call to Tahiti, humans had never been exposed to this technology prior to the past 20 or 30 years. Being aware of the side effects can now be a matter of life and death.

The World Health Organization has now classified cellphone radiation as a class B carcinogen.

Your risk of getting a carotid tumor on the same side of your head that you use your phone increases by 34 percent. This is if you are a regular cellphone user and have been using your phone for five years, and 49 percent if you’ve used your phone more than 266.3 hours during your lifetime.

Most of us easily use more minutes than that in a couple of months! Two decades ago these incidents were rare.

Do you sleep with your phone?

Fifty percent of Americans sleep with their phones right next to them. Sixty percent of Americans report that they have dissatisfaction with their sleep. Coincidence?

Being alerted for a booty call is not worth the trouble. In fact, the phone companies’ scientists found that bedtime use of cellphones can lead to headaches, confusion and depression.

Wearing your phone close to your body

Where do you keep your phone? In your pocket, guys? In your bra, girls?

A study of 150 of men who regularly carry their phones on their belt showed that the bone mineral density is lowered on the side that they kept their phone, in just a six year period.

Sperm drops dead

Putting your computer, iPhone, iPad, etc. on your lap, guys, has been proven to kill off sperm. Sperm count is reduced by half in men who carry cellphones in their pants pockets for four hours per day.

Keep the cellphone out of your pocket and away from your sailors. Your homeboys do not want to be cooked.

Breast Cancer

Two cancer specialists, Robert Nagourney and John West, found that patients who carry cellphones in their bras develop tumors that manifest in almost an exact pattern and shape of a cell phone.

Safe cellphone tips:

We will choose to ignore things that disrupt the way we want to live. So let’s talk about how you can change your potential fate without disrupting the way you live too much.

  1. Get a traditional alarm clock.
  2. Use a connectable earpiece when you need privacy. (Not a Bluetooth earpiece, it still has its own EMF frequency.)
  3. Keep the phone as far as possible away from your head. Every inch between your phone and your head is exponentially better. Use speakerphone.
  4. Girls: Keep your phone in your purse or bag, never in your bra.
  5. Guys: If you keep it in your pocket, as soon as you get somewhere, take it out of your pocket and place it away from you.
  6. DON’T put your computer on your lap. Have space between your skin and your computer.
  7. Keep your phone out of your bedroom. Bedrooms are for lovers. Your cellphone, computer and iPad are not your lover. Make sure your kids or siblings aren’t sleeping with their phones under their pillows or doing the laptop lap dance.
  8. Last and final tip: Take control of your days. Avoid going for your phone first thing in the morning. High performing people take care of themselves first, instead of making others’ priorities first.

Even when you clock out or pass away, your inbox will still be full. Keep your life full, instead of worrying that about messages on your cellphone.

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