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Brandi Carlile’s performance with Celisse and the Indigo Girls was an astonishing night of musical reminiscence.

Brandi Carlile made a stop on her “In These Silent Days” tour at Salt Lake’s Vivint Arena on Thursday, Aug. 11, 2022. Alongside opening acts like the feisty singer-guitarist Celisse and the classic Indigo Girls, Carlile’s ensemble created a memorable night for all in attendance.

Carlile astounded the audience with her incredible vocal range, unique style and fun personality. With some of the hit songs off her latest album like “Broken Horses” and “Mama Werewolf” launching the concert off to a roaring start, Carlile was able to bring about themes such as nostalgia, fear, motherhood and love. This finely bridged the gap between the audience’s desire to dance, cry, sing and scream. 

When getting started in music, Carlile often played at The Stateroom in Salt Lake City, which once housed her and the Hanseroth twins (two musicians who tour with Carlile) for three nights in a row. This helped the musicians earn enough money to get to their next gig, all the way in Georgia. With the way she seemingly enjoys sharing the evening with passionate Utah natives who know all the lyrics to her songs, it is easy to assume that she truly cherishes her time in here.

Carlile is a natural-born showman, known not only for incredible talent as an original songwriter but as a model of hope for young LGBTQ+ musicians. Carlile has openly discussed growing up in Washington as a young queer woman, busking in lines outside of the Indigo Girls concerts and others. During the show on Aug. 11, not only did Carlile play her own music, but also some wonderful covers and mashups that embodied feelings of being different. Her haunting rendition of David Bowie’s “Space Oddity” morphed into a gritty and passionate version of Radiohead’s “Creep,” all of which the audience sang proudly back to the smiling headliner. 

During the show, Carlile took a moment to address the difficulties faced throughout the pandemic and how she thought her career would go away forever. “You never know how long something like this is going to last … So I’m going to sing every song like it’s my last time.” The time she spent at the Vivint Arena was a true testament to how keenly Carlile felt this, as she belted out each song like it really would be the final time. 

Vivint Arena was the perfect place to house someone with Carlile’s With passionate lyrics that do credit to her as both a musician and writer, Carlile put on such a memorable show. There were tears, there were dance parties and overall, it was a truly special night in which to enjoy her music.

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