Boost your resume: Intern in D.C./ NYC

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In order to build a high-profile resume and network in the professional world, the UVU Internship Services office offers assistance to students who would like to apply for internships in Washington D.C. and New York City.

“In many cases, — especially with an New York City or D.C. internship — students work 40 plus hour work weeks and are exposed to what a high-profile internship really is. It sets your resume apart once you start applying for a ‘real job’ after graduation,” said Mallory Oliverson, High Impact and government internship coordinator.

Part of Oliverson’s job in the internship office is to inform students about opportunities in New York City and D.C. She also helps students apply and prepare for these highly competitive internships.

“The N.Y.C and D.C. Internship Experience is generally much more competitive and time intensive than a local internship,” said Oliverson.  “Students apply for N.Y.C and D.C. internships from all around the country, whereas a local internship generally only pulls from around the state or local community.”

These internships are a great experience, but they require a high level of commitment. A local internship does not usually require a student to move. But, with the New York City/D.C. internships, students are required to move to the east coast and work full-time for one semester.

According to Shaner Broderick, political science senior, moving to D.C. to intern for Sen. Mike Lee, R-Utah, was a great experience. As an intern, Broderick had an opportunity to think for himself. He learned how to express his opinions in a professional manner to an opposing side and learned how to make connections with other people.

“I was always able to meet someone new at work. The thing to do is become a friend with a connection, not just a contact,” said Broderick. “When it comes to internships, you must always be a step ahead of the game.”

Internships are a fantastic opportunity for students to find out what job they really want to pursue after they graduate.

“Getting involved with an internship can help people get experience before they go out into the professional world,” said Ben Darger, BYU business senior who previously interned with Darger Errante Yavitz & Beau LLP law firm in New York City.  “It helps students know if they like a specific field before they graduate and enter the job field.”

Local internships can help students get experience in the professional world, but internships in major cities can become a great addition to any resume and help students make better connections.

“My internship I did as a UVU student in D.C. allowed me to get my dream job and excel in my career in ways I never thought possible,” said Oliverson. “A high-profile internship opens up doors and opportunities beyond a student’s wildest dreams.”