Best series to read this summer

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t’ s that time of the year where you may be free for the summer or may be taking a few classes to speed up graduating. Either way, your schedule could be freer than it was during the last semester. And what does that mean? More time to read some good books! You may be thinking, “Hey! I’ ve done my fair share of reading over the past two semesters. I deserve a break”, and you are justified to think so. However, according to a TIME Magazine article published back in 2015, summer reading can be a benefit to your mental health and can help you maintain a ‘ high-level thinking’ that will assist you in the upcoming fall semester.

With that said, some of you may still not be convinced that you want to read this summer. It’ s understandable that reading can be hard for some or even tedious. An answer to that problem and many others is, read a book you already love or one that millions have come to love. What is that book? Harry Potter. Yes! Harry Potter!

If you are one of the many thousands of people on campus who say they have seen all the movies and that excuses them from having to read the books, challenge yourself to read the series this summer. There is no denying that Harry Potter is a series that cannot be ignored. If you weren’ t a part of the fandom of Harry Potter during the craze, it’ s not too late to join.

It’ s been said that a great writer will write in such a way that the reader will completely forget they are reading a book. J. K. Rowling has a writing style that will make you feel as if you are there with Harry when he discovers he is a wizard for the first time or jumping onto a broom to play Quidditch without realizing you are reading a book. Her writing is fun, witty and enjoyable for any age.

The movies are great, there is no mistaking that, but the books go into such depth and description that it would be impossible to fit the entire wizarding world in a two-hour movie. The books give you a chance to see so much more that the movies could ever get to. You may think you know what happens in each book because you saw the movies, but there is so much more that occurs in the books. Have you seen how thick the fourth and the fifth books are? There’ s no way they could fit all that in a movie! If you are looking for a summer, read that you will find impossible to put down, go pick up Harry Potter. Whether it’ s your first time or your millionth time reading, your summer will not be wasted.