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Photo credit: Gabi Campbell, Photo Editor, @gabicampbellphotos


The coconut oil fad has swept the nation, and you can hardly scroll through your Pinterest feed without coming across a brand new use for the “miracle oil.”

Although a lot of people tend to shy away from fad products, the oil has a few benefits that are hard to deny
– and it may be sticking around as a favorite product for a while. Here are some uses to help benefit discover the many benefits with some application.


Savannah Poulsen, a hairstylist in Provo, attested to the benefits of coconut oil in the hair. “If you leave the oil in your hair for 20-40 minutes before shampooing, it can leave your hair smooth, silky and visibly shinier. Although this is hard to accurately measure, my client’s hair honestly seems to grow faster when I use this method a few times a week.”


Coconut oil is very gentle on your skin, and so it can be replaced as a moisturizer. I have yet to see any dramatic results from slathering myself in the oil, but it does seem to provide a barrier to the harsh winter air, and it wards off scaly, cracked skin. Although some generally prefer moisturizer, coconut oil is an (very inexpensive) alternative. One bottle of oil can last you years if used correctly.


Few things makes legs silkier than coconut oil after shaving. The silky texture of the oil is unbeatable on freshly shaved legs, but watch out for getting grease all over your sheets.

Oil Pulling

For those who are unfamiliar with what oil pulling is, it’s using coconut oil as mouthwash. It’s said to improve overall oral health and whiten teeth.

Magic Shell

One of the most unique uses for the oil is at The author claims that it can be used as “magic shell” for ice cream – you just melt it with some chocolate chips, pour it on top, and wait for it to harden. This one is definitely worth a shot when you have your next ice cream craving.


Coconut oil is a great substitute for butter, cooking oil and even sugar. It has a light, airy texture when you use it to saute? vegetables or meat and it’s an incredibly delicious substitute for butter on sweet potatoes.

Don’t be shy when trying out these various benefits of coconut oil, share with your friends and family so you can all share the reward! •