Bad Suns kick off Heartbreaker tour in SLC

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Bad Suns will return to The Complex in Salt Lake City on Feb. 28 to kick off their national Heartbreaker tour.

The American indie-rock band from Southern California is touring the country after releasing their sophomore album Disappear Here in Sept. 2016. Christo Bowman and his bandmates Gavin Bennett, Miles Morris and Ray Libby, are excited to kick off the tour in Salt Lake City and see how the fans react to their new songs.

“We are definitely excited to come back to Utah because it has a reputation for being our craziest show,” said Bowman. “But, it’ll be a different show this time around. The first time we came to Salt Lake, we only had half of the songs that we do now… It will be a different show than previous attendees have experienced.”

Bowman explained that he and the others want to make sure that the show is enjoyable for all and exciting throughout the whole night. He mentioned that with things like vine and Instagram videos, fan’s attention spans are confined to what they once were. Because of this, Bad Suns makes it their goal to keep their show fast paced. They want to have fun. And they want their fans to have fun.

Nerves for the upcoming tour haven’t set in yet, but according to Bowman, they are all excited to relive the excitement and tension leading up to the first show.

“You gotta be in Rocky montage mode; very driven and confident. It’s like you’re stepping onto a tight wire. And sometimes that pressure can be a bit crazy on the first show of the tour,” said Bowman.

The band previously played a show in Salt Lake City during their 2015 headline tour for their first album Language and Perspective, released in 2014.

“As a musician, you are always worried whether people are going to listen to your music or not,” said Bowman. “But when people did, it was the most amazing gift that all four of us had ever had.”

The band members have been friends for years because of their individual love for music. Each member had played in a separate band before Bad Suns was created. By 2012, they each quit their old bands, started Bad Suns and decided to pursue music as a career.

“With us, we are always chasing our instincts,” said Bowman. “At that point, it felt like something we could achieve.”

Bad Suns will kick off their Heartbreaker tour on Feb. 28 at The Complex in Salt Lake City at 7 p.m.