photo provided by Griff Washburn

Griff Washburn, known in the music world as Goth Babe, performed with his band at The Complex on Tuesday, Jan. 18, 2022. The trippy-surf rock musician wowed the crowd with upbeat hits like “Weekend Friend,” “Sometimes” and “I Wanna Help Your Mind.” Beginning his music career in Nashville, Washburn started with making tunes on his computer and posting them on websites like Bandcamp and Soundcloud. Now located in Oregon, Washburn is often found climbing, hiking and traveling all over the globe. Though not having played many live shows, Goth Babe embarked on their 2022 U.S.A tour in January and are booked to play Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival in Manchester, Tennessee this June.

Packed to the brim with nearly 2,400 people, a completely sold-out show, The Complex was a mass of masked patrons excited to hear the upbeat trio play their gig. “SLC was insane,” wrote Washburn via Instagram when asked for a comment. Often thought to be more reserved by many musical artists who tour or visit Utah, the crowds here repeatedly surprise those who encounter the lively energy and welcome they receive. Goth Babe was much the same when met with this enthusiasm in Salt Lake. “The crowd’s energy was sustained through our whole set,” continued Washburn in his statement. “We rarely see that. Love that town!”

With over a million yearly listeners from all over the globe, Washburn has accumulated an impressive fan base, which continues to grow substantially. Bailey Barnett, a criminal justice student at UVU, has been a listener of Goth Babe from their start and attended the concert. “It was really cool to hear them live,” she said. “Listening through headphones versus being in the crowd and hearing it in person is a whole different experience. Goth Babe is definitely one of those artists that sound just as good live as they do through their recordings.”

Upcoming shows in Colorado, Washington, British Columbia and more present the chance for audiences to encounter Goth Babe at their best, possibly for the first time ever. Check out their music on Spotify, Apple Music and other platforms for some upbeat tunes perfect for commuting, hanging out with friends or simply doing some homework. Follow them on Instagram @gothbabemusic for information about upcoming dates and new music.

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