Annual volunteer week commences with benefit concert

The Annual UVoluneer Week will kick off on March 26 with a charity concert to benefit the Nurture the Creative Mind Foundation performed by John Allred and Jesse Wride. All of the proceeds from the concert will go to Nurture the Creative Mind Foundation. Those in attendance will be able to donate to the foundation while at the event.


According to their website, Nurture the Creative Mind Foundation believes “that academics can be partnered with creative expression as well as character development in an effort to create multidimensional youth who celebrate diversity while promoting unity, dignity, self-value and universal appreciation.”


UV Mentor Service Liaison Tori Carlton said that Amir Jackson, founder of Nurture the Creative Mind Foundation, teaches children poems, creative writing and music. According to Carlton, Jackson created the foundation because he wanted to give back to the community.


“That’s what helped him in his childhood, and he wanted to give that back,” Carlton said.


Both Allred and Wride, who will be performing at the benefit concert, are local musicians. Allred, a music student attending UVU, will play the guitar while Wride will perform on the piano. Allred will also be performing a pre-show for children who are part of the Nurture the Creative Mind Foundation.


Two children and a group of students from Nurture the Creative Mind Foundation will perform at the concert. Jackson will also be in attendance.


In addition to the concert, there will be many other service opportunities with which students can volunteer their time during UVolunteer Week. Carlton said that they also have weekly, monthly and yearly activities for service. She said it is important that students take advantage of these opportunities.


“It’s important as students to get involved in our community,” Carlton said.


What’s in store for UVolunteer Week?

March 26, 6pm
UVU Benefit Concert for “Nurture the Creative Mind Foundation” in the Ballroom. Featuring John Allred. $6 with student ID, $8 w/o. Tickets on sale at Campus Connection.


March 27, 10–2pm
Art Wall sponsored by clubs. Quilt tying for children’s hospital.


March 28, 10–3pm
Blood drive in the Ballroom.


March 29, 4:30pm
“Stop Kony” sponsored by Multicultural Center, International council, Service Council, Location TBD.


March 30
Dan Peterson Field Day, Meet at the Volunteer & Service-Learning Center ( LC 205) at 12:45 p.m. to car pool or at Dan Peterson School (169 N. 1100 E., American Fork) at 1 p.m.


For more information on the benefit concert, visit


Volunteer Opportunities


By Breanna Carlile
Life Writer

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