Annual Insomnia dance another success

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Photo credit: Charlie Kaing


UVU’s 2014 Insomnia dance was a “BOO-tiful” success. Attendees outfitted themselves from simplistic to more extravagant costumes in preparations for one of UVU’s largest dance parties.


The UCCU venue was filled with mesmerizing lights and the loud bass music synced everyone into a rhythmic groove. The crowd was feeding off this energy and continued on building the energy with dance moves from the 80’s to beyond. It was difficult not to be involved in this trance-like party and join in on the fun.


DJ Shawn Phillips provided the necessities with great balance by providing an array of music genres. Hip-hop music, pop, techno and even remixes of classical Halloween music were heard all throughout the night. Ultimately igniting attendees’ inner passion to dance.


Attendees were hyped up and went into an all out dancing craze to songs such as Taylor Swift’s “Shake it off” and DJ Snake & Lil Jon’s “Turn down for what.” Those songs and others helped encourage hands going up in the air and jumping, which filled the arena’s 65,000 square feet and created waves of dancing.


The Insomnia dance is known to attract thousands of attendees and has proven to be a popular dance in Utah County with evidence of the long lines seen that night. The UCCU Center was the perfect location to host the many attendees and provides vast space to freely dance. Attendees may have gained some strength to dance all the way to 2 a.m. with the large space.


UVU’s Insomnia dance truly put the Happy in Happy Halloween this year with the great participation of attire and dancing.


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