Alex Boyé performs for charity at UCCU Center

Alex Boyé’s benefit concert at the UCCU center was something special for a lot of kids and their families because he did not come to promote his career; He came to promote charity work.

Boyé performed to help raise money for the Mascot Miracles Foundation, an organization that helps children who have rare, serious or life-threatening diseases. The foundation hosts many fun events for kids such as masquerade balls or Polar Express rides and this event with Boyé was no exception. It was full of great excitement and was a family-friendly environment.

“We love to support foundations such as these. These events are very energetic and fun,” said Carol Osborne, an Alex Boyé fan.

The night started off with speakers from the foundation talking about the effects the foundation has had on people’s lives. One of these speakers named Camille Bower lost her husband to cancer. Before he passed away her family started attending events with the foundation. “They’ve forever changed my life,” Bower said.

Before Boyé arrived on stage, the two openers brought a great and upbeat spirit to the concert. Ashley Hess, the first opener, started as she sang her song Time and also did her own cover of Andy Grammar’s hit Keep Your Head Up to keep the positive energy going. The final opener, Frank Zoom really got the crowd moving as he sang his song Moments and encouraged the audience to have a good time.

Boyé then took the stage and the crowd continued to cheer. Boyé’s powerful voice brought a great feeling of hope, love, strength and unity to the concert venue. He sang many of his songs such as Winner, Supernatural, SOS and Lemonade. In between songs, Boyé talked about the meaning behind his songs.

Towards the end of the concert, Boyé spoke about his friend Nathan who had a life-threatening disease and was supposed to have been in attendance at the concert but could not make it at the last minute because he had to be rushed to the E.R. Boyé even Facetimed him in front of the crowd to give a big “hello”.

“I loved the part where he Facetimed Nathan. It was something really cool to see,” said Jared Nusink who was in attendance at the concert.

His songs greatly focused on themes such as being strong during hard times, how we are winners in life and facing our fears. Boyé also connected to the whole audience that was present but he especially connected to the big group of children standing right in front of the stage dancing and singing. He would ask each of them their names and he even brought one of them up on stage with him.

“The best thing about performing is seeing people from all walks of life come together… that’s the power of music,” said Boyé.

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