Advice for college seniors

As you are approaching the end of your college career, you may be dealing with a range of emotions.

Perhaps you are feeling joy and relief that you are finally a senior close to graduation. On the other hand, you might be experiencing stress over the idea of no longer being in school. Maybe even sadness over leaving behind the campus and professors you have come to know so well.

Whatever way you are coping with the idea of putting on your cap and gown or pursuing a career as a postgraduate, here are a few tips for college seniors.


Although you are probably busy ensuring you are meeting all of the criteria to graduate, it’s important to continue to polish your resume and gain knowledge and experience while you are still in school. Set aside some time to explore your major. I’m sure you have heard the term, ‘real world experience,’ countless times, but your time in college is meant for you to learn and develop skills that will prepare you for the ‘real world.’ Take advantage of this time!

A poll taken by Gallup News showed 40% of U.S. Associate Degree graduates with a relevant internship had a job waiting at graduation, while only 6% without internship experience had a job waiting. Your academic advisor can help you find potential internships to prepare you for life post graduation!


Another way to help prepare for success after college is to network with others in the industry. The people in your classes are also the people you will be working and competing with in your field.

It also can be helpful to connect with your professors. As experts in their field, they know what they are talking about. Being able to mention their name while applying for jobs in the future could be beneficial.

Meet With Your Academic Advisor

Although you may think you are all set to graduate it is recommended to check in with your academic advisor before you begin your last semester. Go over the final classes you need to graduate to eliminate any last minute stress. Your advisor can also help you if you are unsure what to do post graduation.

Don’t Overwhelm Yourself/ Don’t Float By

There can be risky mindsets to have at the end of your college experience; taking as many classes a semester as possible, and taking few courses each semester. Both of these can be dangerous mindsets. It may seem tempting to graduate as quickly as possible, but taking a large number of credits per semester can be risky, especially during the end of your college career when all of the classes are more advanced.

You can avoid both situations by planning your workload with your advisor. Make sure to account for outside jobs or other responsibilities you might have. Doing so will help you have a successful and enjoyable senior year.

Enjoy Your Last Semester

Even though graduating with your degree can be both intimidating and exciting, do not solely focus on the idea of graduating. You are only able to experience being an undergrad once, so enjoy your time at the university! Go to those club activities you have seen posters for all over campus, get to know your professors and classmates, explore new interests and invest in new passions.

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