Aaron Eddy’s “The Art of Flight” premiers

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Aaron Eddy could be considered one of the luckiest people in this economy. He has found a way to get paid by combining two of his favorite things: snowboarding and the energy drink Red Bull.


Eddy is the Red Bull Student Brand Manager here at UVU. Red Bull hires a couple hundred students to represent the Red Bull brand on major campuses. Eddy, a sophomore Public Relations major from Provo, Utah, started working for Red Bull in August of this year. He had friend who was the Student Brand Manager at BYU. After contacting Red Bull, Eddy was hired to represent at UVU.


After a three day “crash course” where Eddy learned about the Red Bull brand, how the company wanted to be viewed and how they wanted to be represented, Eddy hit the ground running by gearing Red Bull toward the skiing and snowboarding community, a community that is huge in Utah Valley.


On Wednesday, Nov. 9, Eddy, with the help of other Student Brand Managers, premiered the latest film by Red Bull Media House. “The Art of Flight” is a snowboarding film like none other. Directed by acclaimed active and action sports film cinematographer Curt Morgan, “The Art of Flight” was shot using the same high-definition cameras made famous on the Discovery Channel’s special “Planet Earth.” The film primarily features professional snowboarder Travis Rice, along with Pat Moore, Eero Niemela, Jeremy Jones and many others as they travel the world searching for the best snow.


The film premiered at the Velour Live Music Gallery in downtown Provo to a predominately male audience. There was free pizza and Red Bull for all in attendance. Those in the audience all carried the subtle look of snowboarders, donning the warm coats, hoodies, hats and beanies with the familiar snowboarding brands of Ogio, DC Snowboarding Shop and Element. None of the coats had the tell-tale resort tags on the zippers, however, as the season has not opened for local resorts.


While the crowd mingled and chatted, Eddy could be seen stocking the food and talking to guests. Every now and then someone he knew would appear and he’d light up and hug them. The atmosphere was relaxed and calm.


Right before the movie started, Eddy stood up with Chelsea Chen, the BYU Student Brand Manager to thank everyone for coming out and to give away free Red Bull clothing. He asked random trivia questions, including when Red Bull, an Austrian company, came to America or who directed “The Art of Flight.” When Eddy asked what local resort opens on Nov. 19, the crowd erupted with a unanimous shout of “Brian Head,” as if little else has been on their minds.


As the film played on the projector, the crowd occasionally hooted, gasped and cheered in unison at the visually stunning display of snowboarding talent.


The event was a success in Eddy’s eyes. “I think the event turned out well,” Eddy said. “I was hoping for a larger crowd but those that were there really enjoyed the movie.”


For those interested in “The Art of Flight,” copies of the film can be bought at iTunes or amazon.com.


By Kelly Cannon – Life Editor

 Photo by Gilbert Cisneros