A Night with Dum Luv

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Lights flicker across each member of Dum Luv. The heavy beat of the drums indicate the start of another original song. The lead guitarist trickles in a quick rift prior to a fully developed melody. A steady rhythm from the bass trails the drums in anticipation of the coming lyrics. Slowly, Dante Rhymes approaches the mic. With one final breath, hours of practice, persistence and passion are exhaled into the mic as he begins singing. 

“There’s just nothing like it,” Rhymes said, when asked what it’s like to be on stage. “It breathes new life into our songs.” 

Several love songs are followed by an energetic, explosive, burst of emotion as Rhymes sings of a relationship never to be. The audience joins in on their most popular song, “Drive,” and emphatically sings the chorus back to the band. 

“My favorite part is connecting with the audience,” he said. “It all started about a year ago. I used to throw a lot of parties at my house and my friends would talk of starting a band.” 

Almost one year later, the band is in full operation and performs regularly.

“When you find enough people that you click with, you start a band,” Rhymes said.

Leading up to their performance, a change of energy could be felt. Mic’s were repositioned, guitars tuned and lyrics recited. A new atmosphere began to develop. 

“This is how I express myself as a human being,” said Jeremy Thorn, the band’s drummer.

“Just come to shows and get to know people,” said Rhymes, when asked what advice he would give to a new artist. “I highly, highly suggest just coming to shows man, just meet people and connect — enjoy the music.” 

“Just don’t give up, something beautiful is going to come from it,” said Thorn.

Native to Utah, Dum Luv performed on Friday, Oct. 2, at The Boardwalk in Orem. More information about the band can be found on their Instagram, @dum.luv.band, or on Spotify.

(Photo courtesy of @dum.luv.band, via Instagram)