A first Halloween

Reading Time: 2 minutes Halloween is an interesting holiday for those who haven’t experienced it before.

Reading Time: 2 minutes
When people come from other states, Halloween is one of the things they may be excited to see since it is an American holiday. Naturally, Halloween becomes a part of their experiences as international students.

Christine Chipala is a UVU student from Malawi, Africa, who enjoys Halloween, but doesn’t understand it.

“Halloween is weird because I don’t get why people dress around looking scary and all,” Chipala said.

Chipala had watched Halloween festivities before she moved to the U.S., so it wasn’t a surprise, but she chooses not to celebrate it.

“I don’t celebrate Halloween, and it’s still weird to me. It’s my fifth year experiencing Halloween, and its still new to me that people dress up scary,” Chipala said.

Unlike Chipala, student Silvia Holovat embraces Halloween with enthusiasm.

“Halloween is amazing for me—children, adults and pets using costumes on the streets and at the universities was great,” Holovat said. “We don’t celebrate Halloween in Argentina, but it is one of my favorite holidays here.”

Holovat was excited to mention that this year she was able to use her costume at work for the first time.

Henry Cervera is a student from Peru and doesn’t care for Halloween, especially because it is not new to him.

“We do have Halloween in my country because of the American influence, but I think it’s a waste of money,” Cervera said.

Cervera described the Halloween festivities in Peru as including trick-or-treating, but that it is only done in certain areas where few people participate.

Tiffany Thatcher, Life Editor [email protected]