3 UVU clubs freshmen should know about

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UVU has an impressive collection of clubs under its belt, here are three of UVU’s coolest clubs freshmen should know about!

  1. Theatre Arts Guild

The Theatre Arts Guild started as a casual club to gather members together and have fun. This includes TAG night for, “Those of us who can, all go to a show on one specific night so we can get together and be a part of the community,” said Shelby Gist, TAG club president.

Once a casual club, they have upped the ante. TAG now offers a mentor program, season tickets to local theatres, student networking and has memorable events. Included is a back to school barbeque and show afterwards, a mentor scavenger hunt, karaoke night and a red carpet banquet held at the end of the school year.

Over the year they offer about $150 worth of benefits, raffle tickets to the Hale Centre Theatre, promo codes for business cards and TAG nights.

A $20 membership fee covers the cost of their TAG tee-shirts and free access to events.

  1. Illustration Club

The Illustration Club is the place to be for any aspiring artist.

Jessica Wiarda, current club president, said they are excited to have planned immersive events for fall 2018. These include bi-weekly meetings, aquarium trips to draw the fish, Halloween events, Inktober and The National Art Drop.

They aim to provide a safe place for young artists to be able to make mistakes and learn without being scared to put themselves out there.

“It has helped me learn how to manage myself with other people… how a work space probably would work, how you have to navigate relationships with other people and try to come together and rally,” Wiarda said.

Included in the $10 club fee is the Illustration Club tee-shirt and free access to paid workshops and events.

  1. Native Wolverine Association

The NWA,  awarded Club of the Year last year, is great for anyone interested in learning more about their culture.

Originally they were a part of Multicultural Student Services Department, but have since become their own club. They focus on service projects within the native community, fundraising and the yearly pow wow.

The UVU Pow Wow that the club organizes has grown to be the largest university Pow Wow in Utah.

NWA can be recognized by the teepee set up during previous years, they likely will be attending Fall 2018’s Club Rush.

“The club is for anyone, and especially it’s there to promote a sense of place for native students on campus… It is there as a resource to native students, but it is also there as a place for sharing our culture and to be in a space with other people who are interested in learning more about our culture and also being part of our community,” said Shaina Snyder, previous President of the NWA.

Club dues are $10 for the year with bi-weekly meetings where food is provided.

New students can join these clubs at Club Rush, or the online portal (https://www.uvu.edu/clubs/).

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