3 easy ways to get involved in the arts

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With over 34,000 students, 100 clubs, and over 150 degrees and programs, it can seem overwhelming to find your niche here at UVU. It might feel like it’s hard or intimidating to find your place in a school that, students and faculty combined, can fill up Vivint Smart Home Arena two times. One great way to get involved at UVU this coming school year is to get involved with the arts. Theater, dance, photography, liberal arts, and music are all perfect ways to meet new people, find your niche and do what you love.


There are over 100 clubs at UVU. These clubs will help you start your career, help you gain experience and are a fantastic way to meet new people. Some of the clubs that are related to the arts include the choreography club, theatre arts guild, and improv club. If you’re interested in finding a club that is a good fit, you can search uvu.edu/clubs on your web browser to find the official list and more information on student clubs. Club Rush is another easy way to sign up early for clubs so you can get to know members of the ones you’re interested in. It will be held in the Grande Ballroom in September, so be sure to look out for posters and announcements for the dates and times.

Making connections

The best way to get involved in a subject or profession that you are interested in is to start taking classes in that field. If you are interested in theater and would like to know when auditions are, a good way to find that information is to get to know the professors that are in charge of your specific field of interest. At UVU there are theater, dance, music and liberal arts departments. Each department is full of professors who are willing to answer your questions and help you get involved. Taking classes also helps you gain experience that will only improve your skill sets and make you more marketable for auditions and contests.


Never underestimate the power of reading the posters and social media posts. Take the time to read the posters around the school. You never know when a theater audition or a dance audition will pop up. Also, be sure to check out different clubs and departments social media pages. This is a fantastic way to keep updated on the events that clubs are hosting and the auditions for different departments. This way, you’ll never miss what’s going on in any of the fields you’re interested in.