2023 Halloween pet costume contest 

Reading Time: 3 minutes The UVU Review hosted its annual Halloween pet costume contest. Check out the cute contestants and this year’s winner.

Graphic by Kristan Whitney.

Reading Time: 3 minutes

As part of the Halloween festivities, the UVU Review hosted its second annual Halloween pet costume contest. There were a lot of great submissions, but only one of these fine critters could come out on top. Regardless, everyone is a winner for being able to see so many creative and fantastic costumes of our four-legged friends. In the end, everyone had a tail-wagging good time.  

The winner was chosen by a panel of 17 random UVU students. But before we reveal who that is, check out the other wonderful contestants. 

First up, we have the hotdog duo. Two different submitters had the bright idea of throwing their dogs on the grill. Rufus the Shih Tzu and Winy set off a sizzling start to the competition. 

To shake up the competition, we have our first non-dog submission. Meet Pacific Rush Caprisun, the bearded dragon, dressed in rainbow wings. Jaz Peterson noted that “he did not like it very much.” Whatever struggle it took to get this picture was well worth it because he certainly pulled off the look. 

Dean, the beagle, electrified the stage dressed as everyone’s favorite Pokémon, Pikachu. As stunning as the costume is, nothing will be better than the droopy ears he already has. 

Swooping in to save the day is Marcus, the Malchi, dressed as Superman. Nobody is more deserving of the title of hero than this little guy. Just look at that heroic pose. 

Our second and last non-dog contestant was Ozzy the cat dressed as Dracula. As cuddly as this feline friend looks, be careful of how close you get because he will drain more than just your love and affection.  

Next up is Pepper dressed as everyone’s favorite skeleton, Jack the Pumpkin King, but instead of stealing Christmas, she stole our hearts. 

Then we have Echo, a pug dressed as an adorable chicken. Just look how excited she is to be showing off her cute look.

Now, without further ado, it is time to introduce the winner of the competition! It was neck and neck with a three-way tie—Ozzy and Echo came tied in second with 4 votes—but first place managed to pull in just one more for the win… 

And that is none other than Oakley, the Labrador/Collie mix, dressed as a ferocious lion. Kayla Knaparek described the reason for choosing this costume as ’cause she’s so cute.’ Oakley is certainly melting hearts and is more than deserving of all the praise. 

Thank you to all our participants! This was certainly a cut-throat pet costume contest with all the fantastic submissions we received. Make sure to shower these wonderful contestants with all the attention they deserve for making everyone’s day a little bit better. 

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