Annalee Poulsen’s BFA Exhibition explores motherhood

Reading Time: < 1 minute As the semester winds down, the Department of Art & Design puts on display the BFA Exhibitions of the students at UVU.

Reading Time: < 1 minute

Annalee Poulsen recently showcased her Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) Exhibition on the 4th floor of the Gunther Tech building at UVU. BFA Exhibitions serve as displays of students’ accumulated talents honed throughout their academic journey.  

Poulsen’s exhibition, titled “Nurturing Roots,” delved into the theme of motherhood, employing a captivating blend of mixed media artwork. Her creative process involved integrating family photographs into oil paintings of fruits and vegetables. Poulsen stated, “Each painting is a visual game of hide and seek,” and indeed, her goal was achieved as the layers of meaning became apparent upon extended contemplation. 

The artist skillfully wove a narrative about her personal experiences with motherhood, utilizing vibrant colors and thematic elements of family and harvest. The symbolism embedded in her work was easily apparent and left observers with a sense of comfort, fostering a connection between the audience and the artist’s emotional exploration. 

Poulsen’s exhibition serves as a testament to the depth and diversity of the art and design program at UVU. As the university gears up for more BFA Exhibitions in the near future, attending these showcases is strongly encouraged. Beyond being a chance to support fellow students, these exhibitions promise to provide unique perspectives and intriguing insights. For details on upcoming exhibitions, visit Don’t miss the opportunity to engage with the rich multitude of talent present at UVU.