An enchanting evening with the UVU Repertory Ballet Ensemble

Reading Time: 2 minutes The pleasure of attending the UVU Repertory Ballet Ensemble: Masterworks & New Works was an evening that left attendees spellbound and enriched by the power of dance.

Reading Time: 2 minutes

With the ability to convey emotions and tell stories through movement, dance is a mesmerizing art form that transcends words. Anticipation filled the auditorium as the lights dimmed, and the curtains unveiled the first act of the UVU Repertory Ballet Ensemble: Masterworks & New Works. The ensemble’s execution of classic pieces displayed their technical skill and talent within each composition. As the dancers moved in harmony, the audience was transported into a world where the language of dance spoke volumes without a word being said. 

One of the highlights of the evening was the performance of Gerald Arpino’s “Kettentanz.” The ethereal grace and precision displayed by the UVU Repertory Ballet Ensemble in this piece was nothing short of breathtaking. The choreography highlighted the beauty of classical ballet and created a visually stunning experience, leaving the audience in awe of the dancers’ skill and artistry. 

The repertoire featured music by Eckhardt Kopetski, performed by James Hatch, further illustrated the versatility and range of the ensemble. Kopetski’s emotive and expressive choreography, coupled with Hatch’s intricate storytelling through movement, displayed the dancers’ ability to convey emotion with compelling authenticity. 

Ending the first act, the ensemble introduced the audience to a series of new works that pushed the boundaries of contemporary dance. Choreographers, both emerging and established, collaborated with the talented dancers to create pieces that spoke to the present moment while challenging traditional norms. 

The standout in the new work, titled, “Shell,” was a creation of emerging choreographers. The piece unfolded as a captivating exploration of the transient nature of human connections, with the dancers moving through evocative sequences that captured the fleeting beauty of relationships. The piece’s innovative use of space and movement resonated with the audience, fostering a connection between the performers and those watching. 

Attending the UVU Repertory Ballet Ensemble’s “Masterworks & New Works” has been a transformative experience that reinforced the enduring power of dance as a form of artistic expression. The seamless juxtaposition of classic masterworks and innovative new pieces highlighted the ensemble’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of their craft. 

As the final curtain fell, applause echoed through the auditorium. The UVU Repertory Ballet Ensemble’s dedication to excellence and their ability to convey profound stories through movement left an indelible impression.