3 places to visit to experience the magic of nature this fall 

Reading Time: 2 minutes Fall is the perfect time of the year to be immersed in nature. Here are some locations in Utah where the beautiful scenery can be observed.

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Utah is a beautiful state that offers stunning vistas of autumn foliage, especially with its diverse landscapes and higher elevations. Here are a variety of places to go to fully take advantage of this fall season before it’s too late. 

  1. Alpine Loop Scenic Byway: A 20-minute drive up American Fork (AF) Canyon will take you on a scenic tour of a beautiful forest. AF Canyon is home to the Uinta-Wasatch National Forest, which spans 2.2 million acres of Northern Utah and Southern Wyoming. For people who just want a short drive that will offer you beautiful vistas, this is the perfect choice. 
  1. Fishlake National Forest: Fishlake National Forest is located in southeastern Utah. It is home to the world’s largest organism, Pando. Pando is a quaking aspen with a root system that stretches for 100 acres and weighs over 400 million tons. You can go to Fishlake and enjoy the beautiful sprawling forest with a gorgeous variety of fall colors. 
  1. Bridal Veil Falls: Bridal Veil Falls is a fantastic waterfall, just a short drive from campus. It is located up Provo Canyon and is a short hike off the main road. It is also the source of an amazing Native American legend of a woman who, broken-hearted from the loss of her only love, cast herself from the mountaintop. Mother Nature was so inspired by this that she took the hair from the woman and created a bridal veil which she laid across the mountainside. 

Utah is home to many beautiful vistas and gorgeous sites. Utah is unique for its wide variety of environments, ranging from the red rock of Southern Utah to the sprawling pine forests of the Uintahs in the North. Each contains their own special spirit. If you have a special place you would like to visit during the fall season, let us know in the comments section!