‘Touchstones,’ ‘Warp & Weave’ and ‘Essais’ set for release

November 21, 2011

Reading Time: 4 minutes They are publications by students, of students and for students. Every semester, the English department publishes three publications that showcase the artistic and literary talent of students. While the three journals are each unique when it comes to what work they publish, the one thing that unites them is the fact they are entirely student […]

People to know – Touchstones editor-in-chief Anthony Christensen

October 12, 2009

Reading Time: 2 minutes How did you get started with Touchstones? I first heard about Touchstones, a student journal for literature and art, when then-editor-in-chief Amber Watson promoted it during an intro-level English course. When class ended, I approached Amber and expressed my interest in the journal, at which point she invited me to reading night, an event where […]