Spectrum Hosts Prom for Queer Students

April 15, 2022

Reading Time: < 1 minute The Spectrum QSA at UVU hosted a Queer Prom on Saturday, April 2. This prom was intended to provide queer college students an opportunity to experience prom in a way that validates their identities and promotes authentic expression.  Drew Cannon, theater education major and president of Spectrum, has been working on making Queer Prom a […]

Stop the Silence: Vigil makes a stand against hate and violence

October 16, 2011

Reading Time: 2 minutes “All You Need is Love” proclaimed a red and white sign held high as students marched carrying candles. The students marched a full circle around campus and even marched through buildings, led by a police officer on a Segue with flashing lights and a student keeping time with a snare drum. Friday evening, October 14th, […]

Spectrum Club Walks in Parade for the First Time

June 15, 2011

Reading Time: 2 minutes httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jai5AlfRktc The only colors more important than the rainbow at the annual Utah Pride Parade this year were the green and yellow of UVU. Held on June 5, it was the first time the Spectrum Club: Queers & Allies Association participated in the parade. Walking alongside a UVU car decorated Spectrum Club banners, 15 students […]