Wolverine wants to take down the Cougars

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The chase for a championship requires two things; wins over marquee programs en route to a conference title and star players who ball out. The Wolverines are setting themselves up nicely in these two categories.

UVU softball is currently in second place in the Pacific Coast Softball Conference, right behind BYU. This is the Cougars first season in the conference and there is one team who hosts the Cougars in their next conference series; the Wolverines. Here’s UVU’s chance to move into first place and secure some wins over a marquee program.

“I’d say it’s one of the more important games of the year for us,” said senior shortstop Krystin Jachim. “There is such a rivalry between us and none of the players that are playing right now have ever beaten BYU. I think we are all looking forward to it.”

Several Wolverines are playing excellent softball for UVU, but one player who stands out is Jachim. She’s second on the team in batting average with .393 and third on the team in RBI’s with 18. Not to be overlooked, she plays one of the most challenging defensive positions in softball while contributing offensively at high level.

Krystin Jachim- Madeline Allen_web“Shortstop is a pretty important position on defense,” said Jachim. “You have to be the leader on the field and make sure that everyone knows what’s going on.”

Two years ago, while playing for Salt Lake Community College, Jachim had 20 home runs on the season. This year she only has one. It’s not that she isn’t capable of cranking a few out of the park, but it’s because the coaches have wanted her to take a different approach.

“This year my coaches have wanted me to focus on getting my average up,” said Jachim. “I want to get base hits and get on base so that my teammates can hit me in. Last year I hit fifth or sixth and this year I’m the third hitter so I’m just focusing on getting on base with singles and doubles.”

Changing an athletic motion in any sport can be challenging; just ask Tiger Woods. Jachim had to change her hitting

motion to reduce power and allow her to get on base more.

“I struggled at the beginning of the year,” said Jachim. “I didn’t hit well until our tournament in Florida. I’ve been focusing on getting more on top of the ball and making contact rather than hitting for home runs.”

Her plate approach has paid off this season for the Wolverines. She has been very productive as the team’s third hitter and is a large reason why the Wolverines are in the hunt for a title. Her senior season is shaping up to be a good one.

“I’ve made a lot of friendships that will last my whole life,” said Jachim. “It’s fun to play with your friends everyday and do what you love with the people you want to be around.”

Jachim and the Wolverines can add to their win total against BYU, and in the process, inch closer to winning the conference title.

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