Why I don’t attend UVU sporting events

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There are numerous sporting events going on at Utah Valley University and I have not attended one. It is only my second semester here, there have been multiple events I could have attended. Living the college life, why would I not want to be around the social scene and attend the games? Here are a few reasons why I don’t go to UVU sporting events.

When I got married I realized I needed to prioritize my time better and be more productive. As fun as the games sound, they are not a priority for me. Being a full-time student and a part-time employee makes it difficult for me to find the time to go to games. My husband attends BYU full-time and works part-time, which makes it hard for either of us to be engaged in schools activities.

I have found that when I have a lot going on, my free time is more happily spent resting at home. While I love meeting new people and making friends, I have no desire to be a part of the social scene in college anymore. I think and live differently now that I’m married; there are things that are less important to me now. When I attended Utah State, I went to every sporting event to meet new people and have a fun social life. Since getting married, I have not had the desire to go to the games as a means to meet someone new.

With two big colleges in the state that have already established a name for themselves, if there is time for me to attend a sporting event I will choose to go to the University of Utah games. I am a lifelong Utah fan and will continue to support my team. Although I do cheer for the Wolverines, I find it more enjoyable to attend a sporting event when nationally ranked teams are playing. I support the Wolverines and will cheer for them when they play, but I may not be at the games to cheer them on.

3 thoughts on “Why I don’t attend UVU sporting events

  1. This article just shows how much you don’t know about the school you attend. The men’s soccer team was ranked one of the top in the nation. Maybe do some research and you’ll find out that there are nationally ranked teams at your school.

  2. Thank you for sharing one of your journal entries…..
    Why was this even posted? It shows that you do not have loyalty to UVU–the school in which you attend–and you hardly pay attention to the happenings on campus. I am surprised that The Review approved this piece.

  3. I think that balancing your life and showing some pride to the institution you attend to be a good way to start this year. I work part time.. actually a bit more than part time and I am taking 17 credits and I am involved in school and I do go to the games… I think anyone can make excuses. I do admire that you put yourself out there but take this as a challenge and come to a game with your husband and get involved with student section. You will be amazed and your perspective will change. Also this can be a article that is written to encourage others and break the patterns instead of making it sound like a Dairy or Journal entry… Be the change you want to see and inspired others with your writing.

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