UVU Sports Staff Fantasy Football League

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Calvin Williams | Assistant Sports Editor | @CalsCornerUVU




For the first time ever, the UVU Review sports staff will be playing fantasy football. Every week you will get to follow the staff both in print and online, as they try to outduel one another for supremacy. You will be able to follow on the UVU Review website, uvureview.com as well as up to the minute updates on our twitter account, @uvureviewsports

The inaugural season of UVU Sports Writers league which will be played via ESPN Fantasy Football, includes: Sports Editor Kyle McDonald (Mr. Sports Editor), Myself (Slammin Fortes), Jessica Allen (Here so I don’t get fined), Adam Cichoski (Las Vegas Locos), Kaleb Searle (Victory Formation), Jace Patrick (The Amazing St. Patrick’s), Christian Ledek (Breesus, King of the Drews), Garrett Hadley (Eazy G), Robby Poffenberger (Poff for America) and local teacher bully, Professor Dr. Dave Morin (Laser Snakes), #teacherbully.

Although this is Fantasy Football, all league members are encouraged to base their trade offers in reality.

Jessica Allen, the lone female staff writer, finished the draft feeling sky high after she drafted a pretty solid roster that included Jordy Nelson of the Green Bay Packers. The next day Nelson caught a wide open pass in the flat and upon turning up field, fell to the ground untouched. Results later showed he tore his ACL and ended any hope of Jessica competing with the boys. Prior to the injury, an argument can be made she was a lock for the finals.

Sports Editor Kyle McDonald just drafted an atrocious line up and than as I write this story traded his greatest asset running back Matt Forte of the Chicago Bears to the Slammin’ Fortes for rookie Melvin Gordon and Reginald Bush of the pitiful San Francisco 49ers. Truth be told, Kyle never stood a shot anyways.

Almost jokingly Jace Patrick drafted Toby Gerhart… in the second round. Yeah I don’t know who
the hell Toby Gerhart is either. Let’s move on.

Dr. Dave Morin auto-drafted…so that’s that.

Everyone else actually drafted a pretty good roster, but none better then the Slammin Forte’s which roster includes: Rob Gronkowski, Tom Brady (who’s suspension will not be upheld…he’s Tom Brady), Jamaal Charles, Megatron, Tim Tebow and now Matt Forte.

Get your seats now for the ticker-tape parade that will start in the LA Building, work its way down main hall to the office of President Holland where I will be given the first-and-only Doctorate in school history for my fantasy football efforts and a thank you for being a great American.

The Sports Writers originally planned to have a $20 buy in for the league and encourage any students and faculty to also donate to the league. The winner of the league would then get to donate the winnings to a charity of his or her choice. Unfortunately, that plan was not approved. However, in the spirit of the league we would encourage anyone to please go out and donate or volunteer for charities or scholarship funds.

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