UVU softball finally returns to their home field

Photo Courtesy of Dale Garvey

UVU softball finally returned to its home field after being on the road the entire season. The two games on the home opener schedule were against the Utah State Aggies and Idaho State Bengals.

This season, the Wolverines are currently 8-16, while last year,  it was 16-24 by the end of the season. Luckily, the team still has many games to play and a lot of practicing to do. Coach Tj Hubbard has been working long hours with the team to ensure everyone plays a position that is best suited for them. He also enjoys how versatile his team is; anyone can play any position.

Senior Lauren Frailey Spendlove pitched five of the six innings against the Bengals, helping lead the Wolverines to victory 11-3. Unfortunately, the second game against the Aggies didn’t end with a win. The Wolverines fought through seven innings, but the Aggies came through with a score of 4-3.

Spendlove described how happy she was to play on her home field.

“It’s always great to come home. It was fun to see our defense come together behind me, as well as our offense string together some key hits to drive in those runners when we needed them to,” she said.

UVU has nearly a week to play on their home field, so they’re hoping to use that to their advantage.

The very first game against the Bengals this season was successful, with UVU winning 6-3. That very next day, UVU fell to ISU 3-7, but the Wolverines have another chance to bring home a win against Utah State.

This season, the Wolverines are currently 8-16. Last year, the game outcomes showed they were 16-24 by the end of the season. However, they still have many games to play, and a lot of practicing to do. Coach Hubbard is working hard with these women to make sure they are prepared for every game.

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