UVU Softball adds new blood to the coaching staff

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Photo credit: Scrap Yard Fast Pitch

Utah Valley softball staff has been seeing some changes recently. With seniors leaving, and new recruits arriving, they also have new coaching staff members to look forward to. One of the newest members of the staff is Michael Steuerwald.

Steuerwald lived in a few different states before arriving in Utah. He was born in California, but grew up in Wisconsin. His wife, Holly, along with their yellow lab Magnolia, uprooted from Texas to start their new life in Orem, Utah.

This eager coach hasn’t always been involved with softball. The beginning of his coaching career started with basketball. “To be honest, I wasn’t that interested in coaching softball to start.” Steuerwald said. “I was coaching high school basketball when my supervising teacher Deb Braatz asked me to assist her. Even after turning her down a few times, her persistence and persuasive abilities finally got me on the field with her.”

Since 2005, Steuerwald has been coaching softball. He started coaching softball as a Junior Varsity head coach, while also assisting as a varsity assistant at Waterloo High School in Waterloo, Wisconsin.

Later on, thanks to mutual connections, Steuerwald found the job here at UVU. “Coach Hubbard and me have crossed paths a few times in the collegiate softball world. We are closely connected through a few mutual coaching friends and that actually connected us when the position here at UVU came open.”

Coach Hubbard had a big influence on Steuerwald’s decision to come to Utah Valley. “Coach Hubbard gave me the opportunity to join him on his staff. We both felt like it was a great fit for each of us, as well as helping the program continue to grow and reach new heights. I’m grateful to Coach Hubbard and the UVU athletic department for this opportunity.’

Education is an important part of Steuerwald’s past. He has a bachelor’s degree in Physical Education from Maranatha Baptist University, an Adaptive Physical Education certificate from UW-Whitewater, an MAT in Education from Rockford College and a second masters in Educational, School, and Counseling Psychology from the University of Missouri.

“I’m excited to be a part of the Orem community and the Wolverines athletic department. I will bring a great work ethic and a commitment to our student-athletes. I hope to also help Coach Hubbard continue to build excitement in the community through some of the programs and community outreach I will help to implement with Coach and our team.” UVU softball plans to begin their season in February, but have not released a schedule.