UVU Lacrosse ends fall season with undefeated tournament

Photo taken by Dave Iba/UVU Review

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Photo taken by Dave Iba/UVU Review
Photo taken by Dave Iba/UVU Review

The UVU lacrosse team ended their fall season going undefeated in the Best of the West Tournament held in Las Vegas on Nov. 6-7.

As a division II team, UVU played four Division I teams and emerged second to none.

Previous to the tournament the team held a record of 10-2 and was optimistic about the weekend.

“The purpose of fall ball is to prepare for spring season,” said 2005 Coach of the Year Kevin Perkins. “We’ve never been this prepared before.”

Perkins credits their success to a talented freshman class and a solid group of seniors. It is interesting to note that five of the seniors took a year off in 2008 determined to bring increased focus coming into this year.

While both of their previous defeats were to rival school BYU, UVU dominated Arizona State University in their third game of the tournament with a score of 8-4. ASU then proceeded to beat BYU later on that day in a final score of 7-6.

With ASU being UVU’s toughest predicted competition, the team began the game with intentions of maintaining consistency and overcoming mental mistakes.

They succeeded in doing so as halftime brought a score of 5-2; one of ASU’s goals having been made while the Wolverines were down three players.
In the second half of the game the team scored three final goals compared to ASU’s two.

“We beat an elite team,” stated Perkins. “Defense looked better than ever.”

All American Skyler Bentley suffered a knee injury in the beginning of the second half leaving UVU without a vital member of its team. Bentley missed the remainder of the game and also the final game against USC, which was won 9-2.

Of the thirteen competing teams, UVU proved to be the only undefeated team in the tournament.

According to freshman midfielder Shawn Carter, the team benefited from good communication. “When we didn’t communicate was when the other teams scored,” said Carter. “We’re a team unit, when one person is out of place it creates holes. When we work as a team our defense can shut down the other teams.”

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