Upsets abound in week 6 of sports writers fantasy league

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Las Vegas Locos continue to stay undefeated

Adam Cichoski | Sports writer | @AdamCichoski

This week turned the fantasy football league on its head with lots of upsets. Even teams who were favorites in their matchup barely won.

Game of the Week recap:

The Slammin’ Fortes looked completely unstoppable earlier this season, with no teams even coming close to slowing them. Last week they fell for the first time to the also undefeated Las Vegas Locos, and this week they had a tough, scrappy fight but ultimately fell short against Mr. Sports Editor (4-2). Editor came out swinging on Thursday night, after Devontae Freeman put up a massive 35 points and Matt Ryan put up 21. The 75-yard touchdown catch from Emmanuel Sanders helped him end with 20 points. Fortes fought back hard, getting 20+ point performances from Andy Dalton, Calvin Johnson, and Steve Smith Sr. Only three of his players didn’t get double digit points. With the Fortes making a comeback, Editor was sweating late in the afternoon, but another big showing from Antonio Gates put Editor barely back in the lead. A 10-point performance from Frank Gore put this one out of reach for the Fortes, who fell for the second week in a row, 126-118.

Victory Formation (2-4) is already missing Devonta Freeman, as he could have used the 35 points in his matchup this week. Wide receiver Amari Cooper was on a bye but would have been great to have this week, as Team Morin (2-4) managed to find a way to cool the red hot Formation. Morin had T.Y Hilton, C.J Anderson, and LeSean McCoy finally all wake up this week with the three combining for 46 points, which was a much needed boost. Formation got a massive 28 points from Alshon Jeffery, while Donte Moncrief, Tyler Eifert, and Texans D all combined for 45 points. Unfortunately a struggling Marcus Mariota and Eddie Lacy, along with Melvin Gordon’s injury, proved to weigh too much. Morin squeaked by, 94-92

Poff for America (2-3-1) won their first game last week while Breesus King of the Drews (3-3) have looked as good as anyone, winning their last three. Their winning streak came to an end this week against Poff’s strong performance. Drew Brees, Chris Ivory, and Jarvis Landry all combined for 62 points. Unfortunately everyone else scored under double-digit points. On the other hand Poff dominated, with five players scoring 20+ points, including a 36-point outing from DeAndre Hopkins. Even with better performances from Drews, it’s unlikely they would have won, as in the end Poff scored 153 points, beating Drews 153-99.

The Las Vegas Locos (6-0) were at the mercy of Here so I Don’t get Fined (2-4) and this game came down to Monday night. The Locos jumped out in front with solid performances across the board from Mark Ingram, Sammy Watkins, Julio Jones, and Ryan Tannehill. Fined kept up with solid play from Justin Forsett, Giovani Bernard, Marshawn Lynch, and Brandon McManus and a huge performance from John Brown. With Jason Witten on a bye week, the Locos made a last minute signing of Julius Thomas, which proved to be the difference with his 20 points. Going into Monday the Locos were up by 16 and Fined had the Eagles number one receiver Jordan Matthews left to play. He had a good game, but not good enough to beat the Locos, as they walked away with yet another win, 121-114.

Neither Eazy G (2-3-1) nor Amazing St. Patrick’s (2-4) have had the season they had hoped for, but someone was going to win this game, and it was a great opportunity to get back on track. Patricks’s expected to win this game, after getting 20+ point games from Aaron Rodgers, LeGarrette Blount, Jimmy Graham, and Allen Robinson. Weak performances from Andre Johnson, Alfred Morris, and Pats Defense hindered him. Eazy G had multiple 20+ performances himself, from Greg Olsen, Brandon Marshall, and a 30-point game from Andrew Luck. Solid outings from Jeremy Hill and Lamar Miller really sealed the deal for Eazy G. This one was a shootout, but Eazy G managed to outlast Patrick’s, winning the game 146-129.

This week was electric, with lots of people who don’t normally get points, coming up in big ways, and teams that haven’t seen a lot of wins finally breaking through. No one knows what next week will be, but it’s bound to be exciting.