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The NCAA sports teams on campus generally get most of the attention from The College Times and students in general.

The NCAA sports teams on campus generally get most of the attention from The College Times and students in general.

It’s for good reason, since as students we are footing the bill through student fees.

But some sports don’t get as much notice as they deserve, and those are the sports clubs.

On first glance, it may seem as if a sports club is as unorganized as some of the regular clubs on campus. That’s where first impressions are wrong.

Take ice hockey for example.

Coach Matt Beaudy has taken the Wolverines team from nothing to No. 2 in its region in less than three years.

It has been neither easy nor cheap. What Beaudry and the rest of his staff have shown with all that hard work and dedication, not to mention money, is that not being an NCAA sport doesn’t mean quality is lacking.

Even though hockey has late starts – face-offs are generally past 8 p.m. on weekends – the team still draws a raucous crowd. The job of publicizing these games, though, falls on Beaudry and the rest of his staff.

Next time there are a home ice hockey game and men’s basketball game taking place in the same week on campus, just take a look at the difference in how the games are publicized. It’s a safe bet that the hockey team does a better job marketing to students than the athletic department.

Men’s volleyball has, in the past, had great success nationally – winning a national title in 2001. The team also has a “B”-side that competes at nationals.

With the success that the volleyball team has achieved, it also has the administration looking at the possibility of moving the team up to NCAA competition. While nothing is set in stone, at least the college is looking into the possibility of full support.

A few other sports that draw small crowds deserve recognition as well.

Men’s lacrosse is one of the top teams in the country, and virtually no one gets to see it. The Wolverines were even national runners-up in 2005. But games usually draw less than 100 fans.

It’s a shame that a team that wins can’t noticed.

Even a team that has struggled with the loss of funds from the cutting of the extramural program is doing much with little.

Men’s and women’s rugby play against the top teams in the country. Unfortunately, the ruggers end up on the short end of the stick most of the time when going up against those teams.

Truth be told, that’s not bad. Many established rugby teams lose just as bad with more resources behind them.

Go out and support the Wolverines club sports. The success the various teams have and the hard work promoting their various sports means they already deserve our attention.

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