The best seat in the house

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By Garrett Coleman


Assistant Sports Editor, [email protected]


Welcome to wonderful Utah Valley University. UVU is headed into new territory this year by joining the WAC, and the athletic programs need the student support more than ever.


By joining the WAC, all sports teams are now eligible to qualify for the NCAA national tournaments, which is kind of a big deal. Students can support the Wolverines in this next step by joining MAWL, the Mighty Athletic Wolverine League, where the passionate voice of the student section collectively cheers on our student-athletes.


MAWL is the rowdy student section at the sporting events that advises the referee when he or she makes a bad call. By joining, you receive a sports pass to all the games, a t-shirt to show off your school colors, free food at tailgate parties and most importantly, the best seats in the house!


There are several advantages to joining MAWL. As previously mentioned, UVU is now a member of the WAC, which means that UVU will have the opportunity to play a higher quality of opponents. It would be a shame to miss the school take on an elite basketball program like Duke or North Carolina simply because it’s sold out. Join MAWL today in order to reserve your spot to witness the action.


MAWL is also one of the best opportunities to meet new people and have fun at UVU sporting events. UVU has a rich history of winning; the school captured several conference championships while part of the Great West Conference. For the teams to continue to have success in a bigger conference, they will need as much audible support as possible.


When you join MAWL you also have a chance to demonstrate school spirit. UVU has the highest enrollment of students in the state of Utah. Unfortunately, many of the students grew up to be a Ute, a Cougar, or the rare Aggie fan. This is an opportunity to change that culture and get behind a great athletic program and distinguish yourself as a Wolverine.


Who doesn’t want to be that crazy fan dressed in all green and face painted? Great fans are the life giving blood to all sports teams. What would any sports team be without its dedicated fans? Would the New York Yankees, LA Lakers or Pittsburgh Steelers have as many championships as they do if they didn’t have people show up to the game and cheer them on? It is unlikely. Fans can be the motivational force behind a team’s success. The athletes’ drive to win is strengthened greatly when it is supported by their peers.


UVU has beautiful arenas and ballparks that are just waiting to be filled with rambunctious college students who are insane about their teams. The seats in the UCCU Center are so close to the action, that with a full crowd, it has the potential to be one of the toughest places to play in the conference.


To join MAWL, go to the UVUSA office, SC105. The charge will be $15 for access to all home sporting events and a free shirt. Other schools charge over $100 for their sports package. This is definitely the perfect bundle on a budget and the ticket to some of the most exhilarating events on campus.


This is the perfect opportunity to witness the evolution of UVU athletics. The possibilities have never been more intriguing. Reserve a spot amongst the rowdy home crowds to give the Wolverines the advantage they need to have success in their new conference. Don’t delay, join MAWL today!