Rugby takes effort on and off the fiel

Reading Time: 2 minutes Its motto, “None of us are as smart as all of us,” says a lot about the rugby team.

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Its motto, "None of us are as smart as all of us," says a lot about the rugby team.

This rugged sport has been around our school for nearly 10 years and is far different than any of our other organized athletics.

"If we want something more," rugby coach Gary Brown said, "we pretty much need to go out and earn it." Speaking of both working hard on the field and financially, the team needs to provide everything they need to play.

The team is 3-3 so far this season and is proud to be playing host for the Division II Pacific Coast playoffs April 4-5. They beat Idaho State for the division championship, and it was an important win for a team on a tight budget.

"It was really important for us to win that game," Brown said,

"Typically in the past we have had to travel . . . so now we can save the money and have fan support. It’s going to be a nice change from last year."

Rugby is different on a variety of levels. Like other clubs at the school there isn’t a try-out, so anyone interested can go and play if they want. Of course, after realizing how physically demanding the sport is, some back down.

As for actual game time, that can be unique compared to what you may see at a basketball or football game.

"You’re not calling plays and doing an X and O battle with the other coach," Brown said. The advantage of it being a club is that most know, because of the distinctiveness of rugby, how to play the game, making it much easier come game time.

"You have to do your work in practice, and the guys have been really eager . . . They work really hard," Brown said.

There are a few veteran players for the club who set the standards and provide leadership for the team, an attitude they expect out of each other. Tyson Green, a third-year player, is the flanker, jumper, plays lock position, and is the team’s captain.

"We have some guys here who have really set the tone for the team," Brown said.

For now, their next goal is winning the tournament. If the team wins, they move on to play in New Mexico, and from there, to the championship game at Stanford.