Q&A with Willie the Wolverine

What would you do if you and Cosmo (BYU mascot) were stuck in a room alone for 10 minutes?


I would break open a couple of Mountain Dews, which I’m sure Cosmo would appreciate. It’s tough to find Dew in his neck of the woods, BYU being a dry campus and all. Just relax, shoot the breeze, ask him if there is a Mrs. Cosmo yet and how he’s handling the whole hairball thing.


How do you get pumped for a game?


Usually all it takes is THE WOLVERINE staring me back in the face from behind the mirror, that gets me ready to bring the heat for each game. I always make sure to point right back at him and say, “Try to keep up!”


What’s your signature trick/stunt?


One of my favorite signature trick/stunts would definitely have to be the WUFF (Willy’s Ultimate Fur Flip) back tuck. Yeah, Willy is definitely a BA (meaning I’ve got my Bachelors in Business Administration)


Seriously, how hot does it get under all that fur?


It depends. On a sunny day for the 4th of July parade, dancing, doing tricks and giving high-fives to every kid for four miles, I had to be running at least 120 degrees. For a wolverine who doesn’t sweat to soak my fur like I did…well, you get the idea. But for volleyball, basketball, wrestling, and other athletic events just dancing and roaming around in the stands, it can’t be much more than about 100 degrees.


When you go to interact with the fans, who do you look for first? Cute kids, rowdy college fans, or bored old people?


My target is definitely the rising generation of Wolverines. Cute and ugly kids alike, I make sure to go to them first. However, it is important to remind the rowdy college fans of who they are and what they stand for, as well as help our wise elders to reminisce about “the good ol’ days.”


What’s the worst thing a rival fan has done to you? Thrown something, said something, anything?


I got hit in the face with a frisbee once, but for the most part the opposing fans respond positively, even when I hit ’em with some Silly String. Who could ever hate or harm a wolverine as awesome as Willy, I mean really?


How do you feel about a fictional, unstable Canadian mutant with the same name as you being more famous than you?


Honestly, Wolverines are BA period, especially if they’re Canadian. I have no hard feelings whatsoever toward a fellow wolverine. As far as him being more famous, I gotta admit his claws are pretty freakin awesome, but even he knows that Willy is the only true Wolverine.


What do you do when you’re not at games/events?


I always hit up the gym to pump some iron, as well as keep up with my cardio fitness. Every now and then I also enjoy a retreat to the day spa to get my fur combed out, my monthly manies and pedies, as well as a full body massage and facial. Willy needs to look and feel good.


If you could have one wish granted, what would it be?


If I could have one wish granted, it would be to have the many blessings I enjoy as Willy the Wolverine shared throughout the world, especially to the impoverished regions of this earth. This is a huge reason why I love UVU so much. Our engaged learning environment has gone on to benefit not only students, the university and local organizations, but also the nation and even the world. I will forever bleed green as Willy the Wolverine!


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