Q&A with Owlz pitcher Aaron Sookee

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Minor league pitcher Aaron Sookee hails from Auburn, Australia. The right-hander is in his second season with the Angels’ farm system and has made appearances for both the Orem Owlz and Arizona league Angels this season. Sports writer Gant Stokes caught up with Sookee to dig up more about the hurler from Down Under.

Aaron Sookee

Q: How long have you been in Utah?

A: One day. I got in from Arizona playing for Tempe and Australia before that, that’s where I grew up.


Q: What has been the biggest difference playing here instead of Australia?

A: Playing every day, just getting ready for that.


Q: Who was your biggest influence in baseball?

A: Several coaches and Chipper Jones of the Atlanta Braves


Q: What was your proudest baseball moment?

A: “Playing in the national championship finals in Australia for New South Whales State.”


Q: On the flip side what has been your most embarrassing baseball moment?

A: Getting hit in the face while playing third base


Q: What is your favorite warm up music?

A: Techno, it’s pretty big back in Australia.


Q: What summer movie do you look forward to seeing most?

A: Hangover 2, it looks really funny


Q: What your favorite victory food?

A: A good pizza, I like Dominoes.


Q: Are you a Miami Heat hater or believer?

A: Hater, go Bucks!


Q: What’s something unique about you?

A: My accent