Q&A with Owlz catcher Francis Larson

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Orem Owlz catcher Francis Larson is a product of UC Irvine. Through his first eight games played, the right-hander is batting .364, including one triple, one home run and nine RBI. Sports writer Gant Stokes caught up with Larson to find out more about the man behind the catcher’s mask.

Q: You went to London for school. What was that experience like?

A: Well, I was there for nine months, getting a master in socio-economic theory. You get exposed to things. London is a huge finance center. Great perspective.


Q: Did you miss baseball while there?

A: Oh gosh yes. Every day. I went from being outside every day to being inside all day. It’s cloudy all day. I didn’t even get to watch baseball. It’s all cricket.


Q: Which sport do you hate to watch on T.V.? Which do you love to watch?

A: Oh, I hate hockey. Baseball is my favorite for sure.


Q: Your proudest baseball moment?

A: Playing for UC Irvine in the College World Series.


Q: Your most embarrassing moment?

A: Well, I had a wild pitch walk-off. The worst nightmare for a catcher.


Q: What is your favorite music to warm up to?

A: Eighties Pop. Whitney Houston’s “I want to dance with somebody” is my walk out song.


Q: Your favorite victory food?

A: A cold Coca-cola


Q: What summer movie do you want to see most?

A: Hangover 2, but I don’t go to movies much.


Q: What’s your favorite baseball team?

A: The Angels


Q: Are you paid to say that?

A: No. I grew up in Belinda, CA, so I grew up loving the Angels.


Q: Which player inspires you?

A: Manny Ramirez. I liked how he was relaxed and played so well.


Q: Are you a Miami Heat hater or believer?

A: Believer. I love what they did.