Q & A: Keawe Enos

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Keawe Enos pronounced (Kay-AHH-Vay) is a 6-1 transfer from Mesa Community College majoring in exercise science. Sports writer Zach Smith caught up with Keawe and got to know a little bit more about the sophomore guard.


Q: What is the biggest difference playing basketball here at UVU versus Mesa Community College?

A: The competition and just speed of the game, the opponents are a lot quicker more physical, bigger, stronger it’s an adjustment and your teammates are the same its fun to play with those guys.


Q: Being your from Arizona how are you transitioning to Utah Winter’s?

A: Not very well at first, I know its been a pretty easy winter so far, I’m not looking forward to the snow coming I’ve just heard layers so that’s what I am going to do.


Q: What brought you to UVU?

A: For Basketball it was going on my mission from Mesa Community College, I was planning on going back to Mesa until I was contacted by Coach Hunsaker, I heard he was a really good coach so I decided to make my decision after.


Q: What’s your favorite warm up song to listen by yourself or during shoot around?

A:  I would say Little Wayne; I like to listen to anything by him.


Q: What do you eat before a game?

A: I just try to stick to my usual eating habits because you don’t what change it up to much, because of what your used to and try to hydrate a lot.


Q: Ball’s in your hands with 10 seconds left in the game down one what’s your go to move?

A: It would probably be some type of hesitation going left pulling up for the jump shot either step-back or just a pull-up


Q: What NBA player do you like the most or feel you emulate?

A: I don’t know if I emulate him but my favorite player is Kobe, I’m a big Laker’s fan so I get hated on a lot here in Utah that’s my team.

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