Not watching sports is not an option

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Jessica Allen | Assistant Sports Editor | @Jessdaleallen

Sports column

UVU Review head shots on the Wasatch Campus of Utah Valley University in Heber City, Utah, Friday August 7, 2015. (August Miller, UVU Marketing)“I don’t watch sports” is becoming something I am hearing all too often. However even though I may have been the person saying that many many years ago, at this point in my life, I just can’t understand that statement.

What do you mean you don’t watch sports? What do you do with all your time?! Don’t worry, since there was hope for me, there is still, in fact, hope for you.

Some of you may have other passions and hobbies that you spend your time on. Perhaps you enjoy cooking, watching movies, going shopping, exercising, traveling, or even Pinterest-ing. Check this out, you can actually cook food to eat during a game, watch inspirational sports films, shop for sports gear, listen or watch a game while doing your planks, cross fit or yoga, travel all across the world to different sporting events and venues and although I highly discourage it, you can Pinterest about sports stuff (quotes, food & crafts you’re never going to make) all while watching a game. Sports fit into every aspect of your life.

Now, let me tell you about where it all started for me. I grew up, for the most part, in Indianapolis. But first, I want to take you back to the few years I lived in Kentucky from 1993-1997. I know some of you weren’t even born yet, but just stick with me. The University of Kentucky men’s basketball team made it to the Final Four in ’93, ’96, ’97. In 1997, when they won the championship, the town erupted. Queen’s hit song “We are the Champions” played on repeat for what seemed like forever. It was huge. There is nothing better than a town coming together to rejoice over SPORTS!

Then, I moved to Indianapolis in 1998, which is the same year that Peyton Manning was drafted into the NFL, Round 1, and Pick 1. As fate would have it, sports would become part of who I was. Indianapolis is a sports town. We had Reggie Miller and Rik Smits tearing it up for the Pacers and we had Peyton freaking Manning. (I cried a lot in March of 2012 when he left the Colts. Judge me all you want.) Every single Friday during the past several years has been “Blue Friday.” Even those who weren’t sports fans wore their blue to support the city and its love for sports. It was a way of life.

I mean, I guess racing was a bit of a big deal in Indianapolis too, but literally no one cares. Of course by no one, I mean, me. Sorry, Mom.

There are no excuses as to why you shouldn’t be a sports fan. Pick a sport, any sport (OK, well within reason, I’m looking at you Ultimate Frisbee fans) and learn everything there is to learn about it. Learn the history, learn the rules, watch the game and fall in LOVE, except Major League Baseball. I mean, who has time to sit and watch 162 games each season? All you non-sports fan, I know MLB is super “American” and all, but pick a more interesting sport to start loving.  (Coach Madsen, your team plays half as many games so that’s fine and I promise to watch your games, even on Sundays.)

It just makes me physically sad for those of you that don’t get it. There is so much love and passion to experience. I want you to experience that. And the excellent thing about sports is that they are year-round. You can be into so many of them. Right here at UVU you can choose from basketball, soccer, volleyball, cross country/track, golf, baseball, softball and wrestling. So. Many. Choices.

You don’t need to have parents who taught you all about sports (If you did and they are into racing, its fine to ignore that part of who they are). You don’t need to have grown up in a sports town. You, yes YOU, can go out to a UVU game right NOW and start loving sports. I believe in you.