New Years Resolutions for UVU athletic teams

Reading Time: 2 minutes

With a new year, comes this idea and hope that we can all start new. We treat Dec. 31 and Jan. 1 as if there is a massive divide between the two and that one day is so much different than the last. Jan. 1 is the time to start unhealthy crash diets, get to bed earlier and of course, get those abs we’ve always wanted. Although those are three common resolutions, none of those made my list. However, I did want to go ahead and suggest some resolutions for our sports teams and sports information department to consider. With this, I’d also like to suggest some improvements our fans can consider.

Men’s Basketball: Score some baskets. You know, to improve on the current 6-8 record and end the season with a winning record including dominating at the WAC Championship.

Golf: To come within the top 50% at the remaining tournaments. I’ll make it my personal resolution to try and care more about golf and hopefully help encourage you in this.

UVU Fans: Wear more green to campus and show up. As they said in Field of Dreams, “If you build it, they will come.” So, as students, take pride in your school and your teams! Wear your green and get out to the games. If our athletes see our support, they can meet their resolutions and build our programs exponentially.

Wrestling: GET TO NATIONALS. Sorry, excuse the yelling here. But really, you can do it.

Sports Writers: Get out to more games. Okay, okay. I am mostly talking to myself. I am finally taking less than 22 credit hours this spring (only 18) so I am ready to throw on my UVU gear and head out to some games to write more brilliant articles for you guys to read.

Track and Field: RUN, like as fast as you possible can. Get it out of your head your opponent is faster. YOU are the fastest and you CAN win. Also, jump, throw and vault better than the other team.

Sports Information Department: Get better interns. Seriously, Calvin? Don’t sell yourselves short. I mean, I guess you could do worse but you’re all like really cool so don’t lower your average cool factor.

Non-Sports Fans: BECOME SPORTS FANS. Seriously, 2016 is your year.

Resolutions don’t have to be all about you. Of course, let’s rally together to get higher GPAs and eat more veggies but most importantly, let’s be better at watching, playing and cheering on our teams. And I resolve to power through this last semester of my undergraduate career without progressing in my diagnosis of senioritis. –