New Intramural Fields coming this fall

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By Tyson Peterson


Four new intramural fields right off of Geneva Road are coming this fall to UVU. Prior to the new development, UVU students had used the fields located on the north side of the Extended Education Building, and the grass fields off of 400 West. The new fields are expected to be completed by the first day of school, August 26, when students will not only have access to four new fields, but also more parking, restrooms, and lights to allow for more night games to be played.


Outdoor soccer, ultimate Frisbee, 3-on-3 basketball, and co-ed soccer are among the list of 20 intramural programs offered at UVU. To sign up for intramurals, students need to create an IMLeague account by going to Once you have an account and have paid the fee you click join team located on your intramurals homepage. In addition to intramural sports having access to the new fields, intramurals is working with other sports clubs and organizations at UVU to ensure them time to use the turf.


Jen Berrett, Intramural Director, says of the new fields, “We will have four turf fields that are all lined with flag football and soccer as well as two of the fields being lined for lacrosse. We have had limited facilities in the past with only the grass fields off of 400 West, so the addition of these fields to our program will increase our ability to schedule more activities and for more hours of the day since we will have lights on the fields.”


According to the Intramurals Policies and Procedures, “The goal of the UVU Intramural Sports Program is: to provide the Utah Valley University Community with opportunities to engage and interact in a fair, safe, and recreational sports program at a wide range of skill levels.”


All UVU students, faculty, and staff who have paid their fees are eligible to participate in UVU Intramurals, and guests of UVU can purchase a guest pass from the Intramurals office for $20. Any varsity players that wish to play intramurals as well are invited to do so, but they cannot play in an intramural sport related to their varsity sport. The cost to participate varies on the sport and can range from $5-$10 a person for team sports and $10-$15 per person for individual sports such as mini-golf and bowling.


In addition to offering recreational sports, the Intramurals Program at UVU offers job opportunities as well in officiating, supervising, scorekeeping, equipment management, and office administration. The Intramurals office at UVU also hosts various sports nights at Center Stage where a nationally televised sports game is viewed along with free food and drinks. For more information on Intramurals you can go to their webpage at