Monday night proves vital in fantasy victories

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Comebacks and more make for exciting week three

Adam Cichoski | Sports writer | @adamcichoski

This week in fantasy football there were a lot of close games. A few of them were decided
Monday night during the Chiefs and Packers game. Let’s look into some of the exciting games that took place this weekend.

Slammin Fortes (3-0) have enjoyed a dominating season, with no games ever really being close. But Poff for America (0-3), formerly Team Poffenberger, gave Fortes their toughest game by far as America was up heading into Monday Night. America got great games from his receivers, Keenan Allen, DeAndre Hopkins and Demaryius Thomas. Arizona’s defense pulling in two interceptions for touchdowns and tackling Carlos Hyde for a safety gave America 30 points. Fortes came through with a three touchdown performance from Jamaal Charles and James Jones continuing his consecutive touchdown streak to three games. Fortes won this matchup Monday night, 122-101.

The Las Vegas Locos (3-0) and Eazy G (2-1) both went into this match undefeated and were both projected to score the same amount of points. This one could have gone either way. The Locos benefitted from surprising performances by Joseph Randle, Julio Jones, and Adrian Peterson. The three players combined for seven touchdowns and 79 points. A huge performance from Greg Olsen and solid output from Andrew Luck, Antonio Brown, and Brandon Marshall kept Eazy G competitive. But ultimately they couldn’t keep up and the Locos won this one, 129-90.

Here so I don’t get Fined (1-2) was so far ahead of Breesus King of the Drews (1-2) going into Monday night’s game, it seemed like this one was done on Sunday evening. Fined had huge games from Chris Johnson, Peyton Manning, and Seahawks Defense, putting her ahead 80- 48 Sunday evening. Drews pulled through with a monster three-touchdown game from Randall Cobb. Add the points contributed by Mason Crosby, and Drews squeaked by to win in spectacular fashion, 85-80.

Team Morin (1-2) looked to stay competitive by beating Mr. Sports Editor (2-1), but things didn’t go his way. From disappointing outings by CJ Anderson and Matt Prater, Morin needed players like Travis Kelce, Sam Bradford, and LeSean McCoy to win this game. Editor got huge games from Matt Ryan and Latavius Murray, and the rest of Morin’s team didn’t step up. Editor took this one 76-59.

Victory Formation (0-3) was within reach of their first win against Amazing St. Patrick’s (2-1). Formation got monster games from AJ Green and Devonta Freeman, who combined for 71 fantasy points. A bad call that took away a TD from Tyler Eifert and a nasty helmet to the knee that put Ben Roethlisberger out of commission left Formation with a lead going into Monday, but not the one he needed. Patrick’s QB was Aaron Rodgers, who threw for five touchdowns that night, taking the lead and making this game look lopsided when it truly wasn’t. Thanks to Aaron Rodgers, Patrick’s came back Monday night and walked away the victor 129-105.

With such an exciting Monday night in fantasy, we’re reminded how much every game counts. There are plenty more games next week and season continues to surprise at every turn.