Men’s golf ready for conference championship

Junior Nicholas Tarasiewicz. Courtesy of UVU Athletics
Golf is a sport of precision, patience, and preparation. More than any of those, golf is a sport of consistency.

In most, if not all sports, athletes can get away with making a few mistakes here and there and still exceed.

When a quarterback completes 15 of 18 passes, it’s more than likely he’ll have a few touchdowns and help set his team up for victory.

Any time a shooting guard goes 15 of 18 from the floor in basketball, he’s guaranteed to make the highlights with at least 30 points in the game.

Baseball players don’t even think about going 15 of 18 hitting. In fact, if they can go 6 of 18, they’ll be hitting .333, which, if maintained through a season, could find the player in a batting title race.

Now, playing up to “par” on 15 of 18 holes of golf, not quite the same.

In fact, any avid golfer knows that not only could one hole destroy a round, but just one shot could be the difference in a great round and an average to poor round.

UVU’s men’s golf team has all witnessed this at some time during the 2011 spring season.

“We worked hard this off-season on course management and playing high percentage golf,” said Coach Chris Curran. “We have been trying to control and execute the game plan.”

That game plan when executed has led to rounds of 67, 70, 72, 73 and 74. The same game plan also led to a third place overall team finish earlier this season.

When the game plan is lost, so are the scores. The same team that fired rounds of the above scores, have also turned in scores of 80, 81, 82, and 83.

Following the game plan sounds pretty easy. Hit the ball straight, chip, putt and call it a day. If only it were that easy.

On the Wolverines’ behalf, their schedule this season has been harder than years pass. The Wolverines’ coach has made it an obligation to compete against bigger and better-known golf schools on longer and harder courses.

“These guys are going to make their share of mistakes; every golfer does,” said Curran. “My goal is to help them learn from their mistakes as the season goes on so that they peak at the right time.”

With the American Sky Conference coming up next for the Wolverines, the “right time” is coming, and Curran is confident his team will be ready.

So even with a few 80s, 81s, 82s, and maybe even an 83 here and there, the Wolverine golfers and Curran are ready to take on the original three “P’s” mentioned at the beginning. Adding in a few “C’s” like consistency, control and confidence that Curran talked about has the UVU men’s golf team ready for the conference championship.

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