March Madness is the Best Time of the Year

Reading Time: 2 minutes

The best sports time of the year is coming to a close. Brackets have been busted as upsets have ruled the NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship. I have felt like a kid on Christmas morning, perhaps better.

As a lover of sports, I have always looked forward to March. The college basketball tournament has it all. It doesn’t matter if you are the top seed or the worst seed, you did what you needed to do and now you have a chance to become the National Champion.

The tournament offers 68 collegiate basketball teams the opportunity to play in front of the entire nation and showcase their talent. Every year fans wait in anticipation to see which team will be this year’s Cinderella team. A couple of years ago it was the little-known Florida-Gulf Coast that surprised everyone by making it to the Sweet 16. This year, we have Syracuse who has made a run to the Final Four. It is shocking that the Orange have made it so far considering many thought they shouldn’t have made the tournament.

The college basketball season saw six different teams ranked as the number one team in the nation this year. More top-10 teams lost than ever before. These upsets have been part of a great month of March. I love this time of year because anyone has a shot to win on any given day; Just ask West Virginia and Michigan State, who both lost in the first round.

It is a single elimination tournament. This only adds more excitement to the whole thing. Win and move on or lose and go home. Literally anything can happen. The best team can have an off night and be sent packing. The smaller schools can make a name for themselves and become America’s darling for a few weeks and put their schools on the map.

The tournament offers a little bit of everything. Sometimes a modern day David defeats a perennial Goliath. Anxiety and suspense are welcomed more than ever as fans find themselves on the edge of their seats, night after night, hoping to see their team move on and eventually cut down the nets as the number one team in the nation.

March Madness is unlike any other and I believe this March has been one of the best ever. This year’s field was wide open and we have seen some major upsets. Make sure you watch the Final Four, because you won’t want to miss the end to the most exciting sports time of the year.