Managing time is the key to acclimation

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UVU basketball player Telly Davenport adjusts from high school to college

The transition from high school to college for any freshman can be a tough one but add in college athletics and it brings it to a whole other level. For many freshmen, college is the first time they are on their own away from the comfort of family to learn how to be a ‘real adult’ and this is no exception for UVU freshman basketball player Telly Davenport.

“Two big things [for me] are like cooking for yourself and paying the bills and stuff and managing all that stuff,” Davenport said. “You think it won’t be that tough but when you have to do it and on a consistent basis, it is. Managing your time is tough, it’s hard not having your mom or dad there to tell you ‘you have practice at six you need to get there.’”

Davenport had a taste of what classes may be like with block scheduling in high school but the freedom and responsibility of making your own schedule has proved to be different than expected.UVU MBB-2

“In high school you know exactly what you’re going to do everyday and have the same classes,” Davenport said. “You’re there all day… In college you kind of leave and come back. It’s about managing your time and making sure you’re getting to school on time to get to class because classes can be all over the place. Sometimes I have to get here 30 minutes early [to get to class] and leave from that class five minutes early to get to another because they are so far.”

Not only have life skills been an adjustment but also time on the court.

“One really big thing about Coach Pope is in his workouts there are never really breaks,” Davenport said. “You’re going and going and your intensity never slows up. Getting used to the speed of things…it’s different. It’s not like that in high school.”

It’s a quick 3 and a half hour drive to Idaho Falls for Davenport to see his family, but with the basketball season starting and being such an important aspect in his career at UVU he has started to look to the older players to show him the ropes in skill and expectation.

“Jordan [Poydras] has helped me a lot,” Davenport said. “He said since he couldn’t play this year that one of his main goals was to get me ready for the season. I work out with him like everyday. He’s a senior so he’s really experienced and helps me get better.”