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Barry Bonds was indicted last week for perjury and obstruction of justice and charged with lying to a federal grand jury about not knowingly using steroids. Prison is more likely for the home run king than the hall of fame after the four-year investigation. The indictment cites 19 occasions Bonds allegedly lied under oath in April 2003. The investigation also turned up positive steroid test results for Bonds, which were found at BALCO facilities. Bonds, 43, denied any accusations his record was tainted by steroids.


Does Ricky Williams actually think he will be able to come back and play in the NFL without failing another drug test? Well, he is trying. After 18 months out of the NFL, Williams was reinstated last week and joined the Miami Dolphins. The winless Dolphins need all the help they can get, but what will Williams do? Does he just need money?
Williams’s suspension was extended in April when he failed a drug test after playing in the Canadian Football League. The earliest Williams can play is Nov. 25 against Pittsburgh.


Starbury, also known as Stephon Marbury, and his coach just don’t get along. The New York Knicks’s guard decided to leave the team after getting in a fight with Coach Isiah Thomas on the team flight to Phoenix. Marbury wasn’t happy when he found out Thomas planned to bring Marbury off the bench in a game against Phoenix. Marbury reportedly marched to the front of the plane and confronted Thomas. Marbury will pay $195,000 for leaving the team.