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Joe Torre won four World Series with the New York Yankees and took the club to the playoffs all 12 seasons he was there, but New York still wanted Torre to take a pay cut. Torre turned down a one-year offer with a $5 million base salary, $2.5 million less than he made last year. The contract offer was somewhat surprising considering Yankees owner George Steinbrenner said Torre would likely be out if the Yankees lost in the first round of the playoffs. Bench coach Don Mattingly is a leading candidate according to

College athletics

Nebraska athletic director Steve Pederson signed a five-year contract extension before the football season began, but he only lasted until last week. Pederson was fired after Nebraska’s football team suffered its worst home loss in almost 50 years to Oklahoma State 45-14. Coach Bill Callahan has also been criticized for the team’s poor play this season. Former coach Tom Osborne will take over as interim athletic director.