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Potential Hall of Famer Roger Clemens and his former trainer, Brian McNamee, spent more than four hours in front of Congress last week under oath, telling their side of the story.

In the bout of truth versus lie on whether McNamee injected Clemems with steroids and HGH, the liar could face criminal charges.

The conflict started when the infamous Mitchell Report was released, revealing Clemens as having used performance-enhancing drugs.

Former teammates, Andy Pettitte and Chuck Knoblauch, both sided with McNamee and admitted he was correct when he said they had used steroids.

While Clemens continues to stick to his guns that he has never used performance enhancers, his 354 wins and seven Cy Young Awards, along with his name, may be tarnished forever.

With all the blockbuster trades taking place in the Western Conference, Mark Cuban and his Dallas Mavericks are doing their best to not be left out. As the Lakers continue to improve with recently acquired big man, Pau Gasol, and the Suns’ recent deal to add Shaquille O’Neal, the Mavs have been trying to bring Jason Kidd back to Dallas.

The potential seven-player trade would send Kidd to Dallas in exchange for guard Devin Harris and sharpshooter Jerry Stackhouse. However, Dallas forward Devean George, who would also be heading to New Jersey, pulled the plug at the last minute, deciding to nullify the deal.

League rules state that a player in a one-year contract who is with the same team he finished with the year before must give consent before being traded.

Nevertheless, with the NBA trade deadline coming up, there is still time to make the deal happen.