Madden or NCAA?

Football fans have often asked the question, which video game is better to play? Madden Football or NCAA Football? Football is the most popular sport in many parts of America and our hunger for the sport has made gaming companies millions of dollars as they have competed to bring the best brand of football to the people.

My personal favorite between these two sports games would have to be NCAA football. I am one of those rare people who actually enjoys college football more than professional football. I just love the college game and the NCAA football games have driven me to love college football even more.2396891-ncaafootball14

NCAA football hits closer to home because we have college teams right here in Utah and we don’t have a professional football team in the state. In the newer games you can even make your own team online and upload it to your console and use them in dynasty mode. The biggest reason that I find NCAA football more enjoyable is because the dynasty mode is constantly interesting. In Madden’s franchise mode I can have an unstoppable team within three or four years because of free agent signings and trades. However, in NCAA football I have to constantly recruit or my team will never be good. I also love being able to start out at a nobody school as a head coach and work my way up to coaching at nationally respected programs such as Oregon or Michigan.

These games are both fun to play and I personally love to play them on the Xbox systems. I just think the gameplay is much smoother on the Xbox One than the Playstation 4. The only problem now is that due to a lawsuit filed by a former college basketball player, EA Sports no longer makes the NCAA football video game. However, I love football and these games have made my free time even more interesting.

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